About Me


My name is Allie. I am a full time developmental therapist + a part time online ESL teacher. ¬†For my downtime, I keep my hands busy either with playing with fiber + reading books — sometimes at the same time!

I enjoy listening to books as well as reading books, both via the Kindle and physical copies. My TBR pile is completely ridiculous. Surrounding myself by books is what makes me happiest, though.

My favorite genres include: psychological thrillers, memoirs, historical fiction (especially if there is an art history aspect) and literary fiction. I am working on expanding my genre choices but I sometimes have a hard time doing this — I am sure you can relate.

I also co-host a bi-monthly video podcast with my mother about knitting and books called Knit the Books. You can find our blog for our episodes here.

You can find me:
Goodreads: craftieallie
Instagram: @bookcoverjudge
Bloglovin’: bookcoverjudge
Litsy: bookcoverjudge